Monday, September 14, 2015


Some ages ago, about when alert citizens began to notice that their gold was being confiscated, their property taxed out of oblivion, and that government was beginning to look very much like a Ponzi scheme, the "powers that be," decided they wanted to keep the power being what they wanted it to be, and so they decided to come up with rumors, facades, appearances, and, yes, conspiracies (the more outlandish, the better) in order to continue to perpetuate the ruse that all were merrily living in a Constitutional Republic.

The CONSPIRACY theories I am referring to in this article are the ones that adhere to this definintion:

A CONSPIRACY is a set of circumstances, a plot or plots, that are "leaked" to the public and perpetuated as hidden or overt intentions with the goals and purposes to subvert or destroy the supposed "free" society that one lives in.  These CONSPIRACY theories are hatched to give the illusion that one still lives in a Constituional Republic, when in fact, that Constitutional Republic was subverted long ago.  These CONSPIRACIES are propaganda, and to an extent, a form of brainwashing, using the techniques of psychological and social manipulation, along with advanced sales and marketing techniques, to provide the illusion that a "take-over" has not yet occurred.  These CONSPIRACIES, and those that are involved in perpetuating them and in believing in them, advance the idea that, what they thought was their secure portion of existence, still exists under the control of the unsuspecting victim of the conspiracy.

If, after all, someone is plotting a take-over, it implies that the take-over has not yet happened.

The truth is, this nation, as it was premised and postulated by its founders, was eradicated long ago, and what we have today is the facade, or front, or the pretense that the dream that was dreamt by our founders still continues to this day, when in fact it does not.

This does not mean in cannot be brought to fruition.  It does not mean that it cannot be created.  But it does mean it is not here now. It does mean that if you want such a place or idea, you need to create it.

Time and again I see the frustrations of countrymen who see their dreams, their fortunes and their property, and even their families, slipping away, being compromised and overtaken by "external forces."  I hear about the deterioration of our values, our culture, or society.

Yet, not one bit of your culture, your family, your values, or your society has been compromised, if you still hold on to those ideas and those values.   The truth is, we have long since gone down for the third time, as a Constitutional Republic, but that is a large, hard, and bitter pill to swallow.

And some would rather bask in the false reality that there is someone in the wings, either the left or the right wings, just plotting and scheming to take over and ruin our Freedom fiesta.

Well, that fiesta was usurped long ago.  What we do have is what we do have.  Today it is Obama.  It is Boehner. It is McCain.  It is Harry Reid.  It is Nancy Pelosi. It is Hillary Clinton.  It is Donald Trump.

Here is something you can believe in.

Some years ago (more than I like to admit to) I felt like the lone ranger, like there was no one who would listen to me about this very thing.  There was no "talk radio," there was no Fox News, there was no Internet.  And, mind you, I was a member of the media.

I saw my articles constantly edited, chopped, film (that was back before there was even video tape, much less digital media) would vanish or was over-exposed, rendered unusable.  There was no room in the media for a conservative.  Conservatives were ridiculed and scoffed at.  The likes of Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley,  to name a few, were the only voices that were heard at the time.  And even today some still lament about the good old days "when the media had not sold out yet."  In fact, the media was bought and sold long before I was a part of it.

There have been many instances that prove this, which I won't bother to go into now. The point is that today there are very expert techniques and tools that are used to keep THE RUSE in place, so that we continue to pay our taxes and continue to have our little piece of hell.... excuse me, "heaven," without interruption.

We do have talk radio, and cable news, that to different degrees, cater to our Conservative Cause.  We also have the internet.  These are tools our founding fathers did not have, that we do.  That puts us at an advantage.

But, for the benefit of those that begin to pull their heads out of the sod, and begin to peer through the mud of confusion, to see the obscene reality of our existence in a horrific tyranny, there are a multitude of "CONSPIRACY THEORIES" floated to provide "busy work," the trials and tribulations of sifting through schemes and plots that give at least a semblance of reassurance that their American Dream has not already become a nightmare.

And, of course, there are those that make mucho money from advancing these plots and schemes.  Oh, there's a boogey man or woman around every corner.

The reality is that the Constitutional Republic, that American Dream, does exist, but it exists in your hearts and minds, and it must be extracted by you from your heart and your mind and placed into a reality that you create in place of the political Socialist Death Cult that currently operates in your sphere of influence.

Take comfort in this.  The society that you thought was going down the tubes, does not exist.  So you have lost nothing.  Your world is not being perverted, compromised, nor enslaved.  That's someone else's world.  That is the world of the Socialist cult, and the Socialist cultists.  That's not you.

And if you want to get technical about it, that CULT has no group, or administrative or social technology with which to build a society or a culture.  Look at the state of the world right now.  Does that look to you like anyone is in charge?

Cross the border into Mexico, and you see a despicable society full of misery, death and destruction.  Who does that?  What way is that to live?

There are pockets in which the American Conservative Culture exists, but not many.  Whole regions have to be created.  Even much touted Texas leaves much to be desired.

All this means is that you should not be taken in by the "conspiracy" that there are reptilian aliens waiting in the wings ready to pounce to take over your country.  In fact, even the organized crime sociopaths, who pretend to be in charge, have no idea what they are doing.  They have no idea how to build, nor do they even know how to dream.

Those guys are way beyond apathy.  They can only create misery, conflict, violence, and war.  They can only create death.

The creators of LIFE are YOU.  And you know why this is.

So never mind, all those conspiracy theories.  Yes, identify your enemy, your obstacles in the way of the American Dream, but brush away the distractions.  Let's not let the dogs barking and nipping at our wheels distract us as we speed toward the fire.  And as we put those fires out, let's also handle those that keep lighting them.